Johnny Gets Kidnapped

So today Johnny invited me over to his park to help him decorate.  He had a big bunch of eggs and we were putting them all over the park.

When suddenly this helicopter landed and a strange man got out.  He went over to Johnny and told him he was Sigfried Von Savage and he ran a group called Corporation HoldingAnarchy Over Society (C.H.A.O.S.) Second Life Annex Post (SLAP).  Chartered in Maryland for tax purposes.

He told Johnny that he wanted him to join his group, he could use the park to bring more people under the control of C.H.A.O.S. but Johhny said no.  Sigfieddid not like being told no and yelled that “If you don’t join willingly then I will have to take the park by force!”  He grabbed Johnny, threw him in his helicopter and flew away.

I knew I had to do something, so I changed into my fighting outfit and ran to where Johnny hTavor 4×4.

I knew Iwould be going over some rough areas, so I went to Johhny’s supply box and got out some extra parts for the Tavor 4×4.  I added front and rear bumbers, a spare tire, a windshield, a roof and upgraded the tires.  Then because I didn’t like the color, I pulled out the paint gun and repainted the Tavor 4×4.

I looked everywhere for Johnny.  I checked the badlands.

And I checked the mountain trails.

Johnny’s Tavor 4×4 got mud all over it from all the driving.

Finally I spotted the helicopter on top of a volcano in the volcanic region.  I put the Tavor 4×4 into 4 wheel drive and went on up looking for Johnny.

Sigfried Von Savage was holding him over the lava threatening to drop him in.  I had to do something or I was going to lose my bestest friend.

I ran over to the far side and jumped as hard as could over the boiling lava.  I hit Sigfried right in the chest with both my feet knocking him backwards over the side of the volcano.  As he fell he dropped Johnny onto the rock where he had been standing.

Johnny and I ran back to his Tavor 4×4 and drove as fast as we could back to his park.  Sigfried Von Savage did not follow us so we are hoping he fell into the lava pools on the other side of the volcano.

Thank you to Tavor All Terrain Off Road Vehicles for providing me with a my RZ1000 GT Black Crusader 4×4 for my adventure today.

You can find the Tavor main store here:

You can find the RZ1000 GT Black Crusader at the Tavor Main store or on Marketplace here:

The RZ1000 has many features some of which include the ability to change the color using the paint gun system, 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive mode,  the abilty to easily add extra items to it such as the bumpers, roof and so forth.  There are about 20 different add ons you can add to your Tavor. You can change the dirt level to 4 different options (clean, light, medium heavy). The vehicle is able to be locked, or you can unlock the vehicle to let people in your group or anyone drive it.  And still more features.  You will love driving your Tavor 4×4.

Grandpa makes a delivery

So Grandpa got a call to make a run in his truck and asked Johnny and me if we wanted to come along.  Mama said I could so I met grandpa at the coffee shop with Johnny.

Granpa showed us the his new paintjobon his truck, he said he makes extra for having it.

We all hopped in his truck, there were only 2 seats but Johnny wanted to try the bed in the back.  He said it was real comfy.  Grandpa said he needs a comfy bed when he goes on long drives.

We drove a long way and all over.  We crossed a big river on a bridge, I waved to the people in the boats.

And then we crossed a big hill.  The truck went real slow going up but came down fast.

The view was so pretty, I saw a street that was lined with trees on both sides.

Grandpa even let me read the map and nabigate, that means tell him where to drive.

For some reason grandpa decided to nabigate himself and we found the big building where grandpa parked his truck so they could take everything off.

Grandpa said we were through with the trailer so he parked it and left it there while he drove off with the truck.

As a treat he took Johhny and me bowling, he said that is why he left the trailer.  It wouldn;t fit in the lot.

He then bought us each a snack from the snack bar.  It was fun day.


Grandpa’s truck is advertising the Cove event which runs from March 17 – April 15 here:

Johhny is wearing the Blue Cow Overalls from the event. They can be found at Lil J’s Place booth.  During the event they can be found only at The Cove and are $75, after the event they go up to $99

Angel is wearing the Ducky overalls from the event. They are $99 and can be found at Lil J’s Place booth.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

My friend Johnny called me today and invited me to come see his grandma’s farm. She lives in a place called The Cove. So I put on my overalls and went to go see Johnny.

There was so much to see on the farm.  I met the farmhand

and he let me drive a tractor.

We saw lots of animals like horses

and some strange animals also.  The farmhand said it was an alpaca and a cow.

We saw some fresh fruit and vegetables in baskets and we went to grab some apples to snack on.

But while I was getting an apple a tomato came flying at me and hit me. Owie!

Soon more tomatoes came flying, knocking me down.  I was almost as if there was an attack by tomatoes.

Johnny came over to help me up ancd he got hit by tomatoes also.  They were coming so fast they buried us.

Johnny and I rolled out from under all the tomatoes  and wewent to see where they were coming from.  We found a cute little monkey hiding in the tomato plants throwing the tomatoes at us.

The farmhand scolded the monkey.  Then he set up a table for us and made us lunch.  Johnny had a burger and I had a hot dog.  It was real good.

After lunch Johnny and I went riding on the horses until it was time to go home.

The Cove Seasons even runs March 17 – April 15

You can find the event and all the merchants here:

Johnny is wearing tractor overalls from Lil J’s place booth.  $99L

Angel is wearing Pink Cow Overalls from Lil J’s place booth.  $75L exclusive during the Cove event

Ahe is driving the Kid’s Tractor from Lil J’s Place $399L at the cove.

Angel Captures The Criminal

Mama was working so my friend Johnny came over to play.  He was dressed as a cowboy and told me he was Johhny “the Kid” the meanest, orneriest bandit in the West.

Well I couldn’t let a criminal go free so I put on my police woman uniform and followed Johnny as he went out to go get a snack.  We came to Jump Start Coffee and Johnny told the man behind the counter he was a dangerous bandit and this was a stick up.

The nice man laughed and gave us each a cupcake to eat.  So Johnny and I went outside to eat at one of the tables.  The cupcakes were big and gooey and covered with sugary frosting, they were the best.

Well Johnny finished his cupcake first and yelled “You’ll never get me Copper”.  He then jumped into his car and took off down the road.  I had to jump in my car and follow him.

Well Johnny drove fast and so did I.  We went faster and faster down the road until we saw a ramp.  Johhny put on a burst of speed and hit the ramoas fast as he could go.

I had no choice but to follow as fast as I could.

I came out OK but Johnny crashed his car when landed.

I was able to catch up then and capture him.  I put him in the back of my cruiser for transport.

And took him to the jail.  I put him in  the cell protecting the citizens of Second Life from the dangerous criminal Johnny “the Kid”

Thank you to Jump Start Coffee Shop for allowing us to photograph there.

Angel was driving the Lil J Police car which can be found here:

Johnny was wearing the Toddleedoo Prison Outfit which can be found here:

I help Grandpa

Poor grandpa, the mall told him they wanted a younger person to work security.   So he had to find some other way to earn money.  A friend told him he can make big money hauling frienght and meet him at the garage.  Mommy was busy working so Grandpa let me come with him.

He gave grandpa the keys to a big truck that was loaded with huge boxes and told him to take them to the other side of the continent.  The truck was sooo big and comfy inside.  I fealt like a real driver when I sat next to grandpa.

Grandpa put the truck in gear and pulled out on to the road.  We drove and drove and drove for hours.  I got sleepy and took a nap, the ride was smooth even though there were piles of grass and dirt growing through the road.  Granpa finally ulledinto a gas station because we were running out of gas.  He filled up the truck and went inside to pay (and get me a slushy).

But while grandpa was in there some mean guy wanted gas from the pump we were at, even though the other pumwas free.  He honked his horn and yelled mean things at us, so I tried to help grandpa by mocing the truck for him.  I dont know what happened, the truck started moving faster and faster.  Poor grandpa he tried to run over and stop it but the truck was too fast.  I went down the road trying to steer, but I couldn’t see too good over the wheel.  I missed a curve and hit a helicoper on it’s pad.  The truck went upside down and the boxes were everywhere.  It was a big mess.  I went out the window and fell on my head.

A nice police officer was near the gas station and gave granda a ride to the truck.  He called on his radio for a helicopter to take me to the hospital.  I got to lay on the outside of the helicopter while they flew me there.

At the hospital the doctor took a look at my owies and told me I was lucky to not be injured bad.  He told me to stay in bed because of the bump on the top of my head.  He called mommy and she came to take me home.

Grandpa called his friend who told him his truck was insured so he was ok.  He even gave grandpa another load to deliver (but with out my help)

Grandpa is delivering frieght using the GTFO Hud for Second Life. GTFO is a hud based game of hauling frieght from one place to another in second life. When you make a delivery you earn experience and game money.  You can haul frieght by plane, helicopter, truck boat, car or motorcycle.

You can find the GTFO hud on Marketplace here:

Grandpa is driving the Bovine 600 truck which can be found here: (Flaming wreck not included)

Visiting Grandpa

Granpa’s are so much fun. Today I got to see mine and he even took me to work with him. He works at a mall making sure everybody stays safe. He gets to ride around on a fun cart and took me on patrol with him. I gots to ride in the basket and hit the siren.

After grandpa got off work we went to the park where we watched the fishies swimming arundunder the bridge.

And I got to climb up on some huge rocks.

By then grandpa was getting a little tired from so much walking around.  So we went back to his house where we sat by the fire and grandpa told me stories of what it was like when he was little boy, until mommy came to get me.

I love mygrandpa, he is the best.

Grandpa is driving the Senior Citizen Scooter from Lil J’s place found here:

Thank you to Excalibur Rentals for allowing us to shoot the scooter in their mall

And to Happy Family Fun Park for use of their Zen garden

I Do My Part To Help

I was sitting at home relaxing when I got a call that trash was piling up and litter was overrunning the Sharp continent. Apparently, there are budget problems there and nobody to do the work. So I hopped into my Daihatsu and drove to the Sharp continent, crossing the ocean, where I went on a search for trash.

I drove up and down the roads looking for litter and trash, hoping to do my part to beautify Second Life.

After much driving I found piles of trash in the parks.  I pulled it and loaded it into my vehicle to haul it to the dump.

I was so happy I had cleaned up the parks.  But then I got another call.  There was a fire at the Go Cart Speedway.   A cart crashed into a pile of tires, the gasoline in the cart set the tires on fire and it was spreading.  I needed to get there now and stop it.

On the way I called my friend Johhny to meet there for support.  I knew between the two of us we could put out this fire and save the day.

Johhny and I found the fire and fought long and hard to extinguish it.  After a brutal battle with the flames it was out.  The speedway was saved and people could once again enjoy their go cart rides.

I drove the Cheer Master Mini Enforcer on my adventures.  It is great multipurose vehicle with multiple skins.  It is amphibious so I don’t have to switch vehicles when I hit the water. And it has the low price of $89L

Find it here:

My Friend Johhny is driving the Lil J Fire Truck, a driveable child’s fire truck for only $50L
Find it here:

Searching for Santa

I made my Christmas list and mailed it to Santa but then I remembered I forgot the most important item. I need fairy wings to make me a fairy princess. So I got my bike and hit the road to go find Santa.

I rode for a long time.  I got tired but I kept riding because I knew I needed to find Santa before he took off to deliver his presents.  But I could not keep going and had to stop for the night.  I pulled in to Melodie’s Rest Stop.

The nice lady there let me have a room with a big comfy bed.  The bed was so fun, it was nice and bouncy.  I almost didn’t fall asleep I was having so much fun jumping on it.

But I did fall asleep eventually and bright and early the next day I was on the road again looking for Santa.

I went found this place called Graceland, but never saw anyone named Grace.  I think she was a singer or something.

Nobody was home so I hit the road again to find the Jolly Old Elf.

At the top of the hill I found an interesting place called Rock City.   It had a zoo and a dance floor and more.

But Santa was not there so I went back to the road and kept riding until I cam to a small airport.  There I rented a plane and took off for the North Pole.

After a long flight I landed at the North Pole.  I knew I was at the right place because of the elves.

They took me to see Santa at his Christmas town.  Santa gave me a pair of ice skates and took me on a tour of his magical town.

While we were skating I discovered that Santa had given me magical fairy wings.  I was now a fairy princess.

I was so happy, I thanked Santa  for my wings again and again.  I was the bestest fairy princess ever.  But I was so far from home.  I wondered if I could fly home with my new wings, but Santa had another surprise for me.  He had a limo waiting for me to drive me home.  By the limo were all the news people, taking my picture because I was now a famous fairy princess.

But just when I was almost home, I woke up and discovered it was only a dream.  I was in my room at home and had no magical wings.  But I know when I go downstairs, Mama will be there with lots of hugs.  So I still feel like a princess.

If you wish to visit the places Angel went in her dreams:

Melodie’s Rest Stop
Rock City

My night camping

Mamma was working so I got out of bed and went to the Happy Family Fun Park. I went into the big barn and got sat down at a table to get my dinner.

After eating I went outside and played on the roundabout.

After that I went to play onthe swingset.

When I was bored with the swingset I walked around a little until I saw this big pile of leaves that had been raked up.

So I dived in scattering leaves everywhere (now they have to rake them again)

I saw some chairs by the fire, so I sat down and watched the fire for a while.

By then I was sleepy, so I went to one of the tents and crawed into the sleeping bag to sleep for the night.

You can find the Happy Family Fun Park on Second Life here: